Water, Water Everywhere, But Not Enough for your Lawn

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Photo credit: Hammacher.com While we were busy over the holidays celebrating with family and friends, something interesting happened. On December 19th, the Colorado Springs City Council voted in favor of new watering restrictions. Huh? What happened? We’re not in a drought. We’re scratching our heads wondering what the heck is going on. A Colorado Springs […]

Suthers Critical of “Would-Be Traffic Engineer” Citizens

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Photo Credit: @MayorOfCOS Twitter Account On November 13th, Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers appeared on KVOR’s Richard Randall Show. Follow the links at the bottom of this blog to listen to the 6-minute segment we found most interesting, or to review the transcription. The Mayor didn’t have warm, fuzzy things to say about SpringsTaxpayers.com. At […]

2C Pothole Tax Renewal: Déjà Vu All Over Again

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Photo Credit: Sam the Shovel Leaner Municipal ballots will be arriving in mailboxes between October13th and October 18th. One of the Colorado Springs ballot questions asks whether voters want to continue to be additionally taxed for road repairs and improvements for 5 more years. In 2015, the original 2C was passed. We wrote a blog […]