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2/18/18 – Scandal erupts at Monument town hall

2/16/18 – Here is another letter to the editor about the Old North End streets being road-dieted. This one is from the Independent.…

2/16/18 – A couple of Letters to the Editor in today’s Gazette about the narrowing of roads in the Old North End and the Downtown Stadium.
The ‘other’ Colorado Springs…/…/1621126

2/15/18 – Independence Institute is holding a free class for those getting involved in their local government. Check it out!

2/15/18 – North Nevada revitalization plan approved
Not everyone is thrilled…

2/14/18 – Sign the Springs Taxpayers petition to oppose toll lanes and support widening I-25 to 4 lanes without raising taxes. Also, please, share this petition on social media.…

2/13/18 – “The superiority of automobiles doesn’t stop at the obvious, either. They expand workers’ access to jobs and educational opportunities, increase productivity and incomes, improve purchasing choices, lower consumer prices and widen social options.”

2/11/18 – Time is running out for the proposed sports and event center in downtown Colorado Springs…/…/1620752

2/10/18 – State oil and gas conservation commission dealing with a $5.6 million budget shortfall

2/10/18 – Time is running out for the proposed sports and event center in downtown Colorado Springs

2/8/18 – Town manager and police chief of Monument on Paid leave

2/8/18 – Colorado Springs officials outline priorities, expected stormwater billing

2/7/18 – Tri-Lakes deals with fastest growth rate in Southern Colorado

2/5/18 – Manitou Springs bridge project hits a bump in the road

2/3/18 – Colorado Springs Sky Sox coming to downtown after all?

2/3/18 – Colorado Springs wrestles with Banning Lewis Ranch development rules

2/3/18 – U.S. Department of Transportation: No toll lanes on I-25 Gap means no federal grant money

2/1/18 – City faced with changing the rules on Banning Lewis Ranch to spur development

2/1/18 – Colorado Springs wrestles with Banning Lewis Ranch development rules

2/1/18 – Big changes along Cascade Ave in old North End neighborhood

1/27/18 – North Cheyenne Cañon: No vehicles allowed?

1/26/18 – Cash-strapped Colorado Springs parks department could face more trouble due to Banning Lewis Ranch

1/26/18 – Manitou Springs, town administrator agree to part ways

1/24/18 – Two sites now eyed for downtown Colorado Springs sports and event center

1/24/18 – Colorado Springs airline fares plunge to nearly 20-year low

1/24/18 – Plans for sports stadium scrapped at Antlers Park

1/22/18 – Tolls on Colorado interstate expansions likely, popular or not

1/19/18 – Developer built homes in danger of flooding; Town leaders “unsure” what happened

1/19/18 – Affordable housing project survives another round against Broadmoor Bluffs association

1/19/18 – Colorado Springs mayor raises red flags over sports and event center plan for Antler’s Park

1/19/18 – Banning Lewis annexation agreement under scrutiny

1/15/18 – Opponents of affordable housing project trying to overturn Colorado Springs planners’ OK

1/13/18 – Reader comments on the possible construction of sports and event center in Antler’s Park

1/13/18 – Banning Lewis Ranch annexation agreement raises concern about parks, open space

1/12/18 – City Council begins zoning process for Banning-Lewis Ranch

1/10/18 – Colorado Springs no longer publishing annual transparency reports

1/9/18 – Letter to the Editor from Mayor John Suthers – Mayor: ‘We can’t handle the truth’

1/5/18 – Banning-Lewis Ranch amended annexation agreement released

12/26/17 – Colorado Springs chosen for pilot recycling program – will this be voluntary, or eventually mandatory?

12/20/17 – El Paso County Commissioners say no to tolls on I25 expansion

12/19/17 – Colorado Springs will draw power from outside city, but leaders want flexibility in shutting coal plant

12/18/17 – Great overview of the discussion about closing Martin Drake Power Plant – .WjXf8mEqUU8.facebook

12/18/17 – State Representative Paul Lundeen says 3rd lane should NOT be a toll lane.

12/12/17 – The El Paso County Strategy document says that County dollars should go to County roads. What do you think?

12/12/17 – Lots of folks here at the pre-City Council rally concerned about the valuation of Strawberry Fields. Pretty interesting.

12/11/17 – Details for proposed Pikes Peak Observatory

Opportunity for private sponsorship??

12/10/17 – Gazette Letters – Drivers wont us Toll road on I-25

12/9/17 – Video of the CDOT meeting this week about widening I25 from Monument to Castle Rock.

12/8/17 – Proposed Toll Lanes for I-25

12/7/17 – Capitulation or deliberation? CSU shouldn’t rush into early closure of Martin Drake Power Plant

Capitulation or deliberation? CSU shouldn’t rush into early closure of Martin Drake Power Plant

11/16/17 – Colorado Springs crowd skeptical of purpose, effectiveness of red light cameras

11/16/17 – CSPD unveils red-light camera proposal to crowd of skeptics

11/15/17 – Public asks Colorado Springs City Council to boost funds for parks and transportation

11/10/17 – Colorado Springs begins divvying up money freed by passage of stormwater fee

11/10/17 – Bike Master Plan

11/8/17 – Stormwater fee approved by Colorado Springs voters

11/7/17 – Stormwater vote will free up money for more police and firefighters

11/3/17 – Returned ballots surpass 41,000; close vote expected on Colorado Springs stormwater fee

11/2/17 – Colorado Springs stormwater fee opponents fear increases if voters approve the issue

10/31/17 – Opponents of Colorado Springs Stormwater Fees Financially Outmatched but Still making an Argument

10/12/17 -New ad campaign contends Colorado Springs is driven by tax-a-holics

New ad campaign contends Colorado Springs is driven by tax-a-holics

10/11/17 -Election Watch: Colorado Springs Question 2A (Stormwater Fee)

10/9/17 – Stormwater fee’s “vote no” committee politician operative doesn’t live in the city

10/4/17 – Suthers proposes increased spending due to higher revenues from sales tax

9/15/17 – Opponents cry foul as City excludes arguments from blue book

8/12/17 – Does Colorado Springs need a dedicated stormwater fee?