Where Has The Money Gone? “Traffic Calming” Project in Cragmor Proves Pricey

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When it comes to development projects, the City of Colorado Springs plays a predictable game. They hold “public process” meetings, but do what they want anyway. It’s like the cult classic movie Groundhog Day, as the same story unfolds over and over again. Unfortunately though, we never get our fairytale ending. In 2015, residents of […]

Councilman Pico Only CSU Board Member Asking About Rate Increase With Future Drake Closure

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Photo: Colorado Springs City Councilman and CSU Board Member Andy Pico On June 17th, the Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) Board met, and one item up for discussion was approving an “Energy Vision Statement”. The draft statement that the board approved says: “Provide resilient, reliable and cost-effective energy that is environmentally sustainable, reduces our carbon footprint […]

Where Has The Money Gone? Rockrimmon Re-Paving

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Another story of waste and abuse of taxpayer money in Colorado Springs, Recently, a concerned citizen contacted the Gazette’s Woodmen Edition and asked them to look into why the City of Colorado Springs had repaved the roads of a newer 44-home subdivision called “Estates at Rockrimmon”, while roads in other areas of the City were in […]

Scheels’ Exclusion Not Fair To Other Businesses, Taxpayers

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Photo credit: Scheels.com At SpringsTaxpayers, we have been reporting since February on the ‘sweetheart Scheels deal’ that will allow Scheels to charge its customers a 1% Public Improvement Fee (PIF) instead of a 1% sales tax, but then pocket that the estimated $16,000,000 they collect from shoppers. We reported that this is unfair to the other […]

City of Colorado Springs Buckles, Un-Redacts Skorman’s Attorney Invoices

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Last week, SpringTaxpayers.com asked whether taxpayers should pick up Colorado Springs City Council President Richard Skorman’s legal bills for his ethics violation. As a reminder it was nearly $10k! Earlier this week, the City contacted us concerning Skorman’s previously heavily redacted attorney invoices. The details of the initial invoices were largely blacked out, but now […]

Should Taxpayers Pick Up Poor Richard’s Tab?

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Here at SpringsTaxpayers.com, we are committed to following up on stories that interest our readers. No doubt, many of you recall Colorado Springs City Council President Richard Skorman’s, “Do-you-know-who-I-am?” interference in an accident scene last year, and the lengthy ethics investigation that followed. It was subsequently uncovered that the driver Skorman tried to protect had a […]