A Second Look at the Stormwater Fee

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By Laura Carno **Update – The Colorado Springs Gazette ran Laura Carno’s Letter to the Editor on Wednesday, November 15. http://gazette.com/letters-gymnasts-safety-and-sexual-abuse-calling-attention-to-systemic-racism/article/1615303 On November 8, 2017, the Colorado Springs Gazette published an article called, ” Voting Postmortem: 13 winners and losers in the Colorado Springs 2017 Election.” Below is a letter to the editor I submitted […]

Stealing From the Collection Plate

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By Jeff Crank In an August 13, 2015 article in the Gazette entitled Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers takes exception to group’s no-tax claim, Mayor Suthers and many members of the Colorado Springs city council argued erroneously that a city budget study — commissioned by an outside group which I helped arrange—called for taxing Colorado […]