2C Pothole Tax Renewal: Déjà Vu All Over Again

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Municipal ballots will be arriving in mailboxes between October13th and October 18th. One of the Colorado Springs ballot questions asks whether voters want to continue to be additionally taxed for road repairs and improvements for 5 more years. In 2015, the original 2C was passed. We wrote a blog back then called, “Who is Buying Colorado Springs Issue 2C?” 

This year, it’s also called Question 2C, and at SpringsTaxpayers, we are firmly against it. We’ve recently reported that only 53% of the funds collected so far have gone to road paving and potholes. Thirty-nine percent of the funds have been used for curbs, gutters, and new ADA compliant sidewalks.  

The campaign committee that is promoting the passage of 2C is called Building COS, and we are closely tracking their contributions. In less than 2 months, they have collected nearly $135,000. 

So, who are the large corporate donors to Building COS?

The largest single donation to Building COS is from Colorado Springs Forward. They make no bones about their support of investment in infrastructure. Their $50,000 donation is not surprising, and which donors made up that $50,000 is not disclosed.

The second largest donation is from Work Zone Traffic Control, Inc., a company that provides the cones and flaggers to keep construction zones safe. They donated $20,000. 

The next tier contains 9 separate donations for $5,000 each. Some are from the usual developer, builder, and construction interests. But then there are those from Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association, Western Milling, LLC, A-1 Chipseal, and Even-Preisser. All of those companies appear to have something to gain by paving contracts.

Does this smell of pay to play? We think so. If 2C passes, will these companies see a financial gain in the form of your taxpayer dollars? 

We firmly believe that money is speech, and we do not begrudge these companies, or any others, from donating. But we are going to talk about it, and ask the tough questions. 

And don’t forget our recent blog series about where your tax dollars have been spent:

At SpringsTaxpayers, we know we are the underdogs in this race. We are unlikely to raise the $135,000 that the other side has raised so far. We don’t pretend to have the financial backing of companies that are set up to make millions if 2C passes. That’s how it usually goes with government spending. 

We will be launching a radio ad campaign shortly. We have a little seed money for it, but that only takes us through the first week of radio ads. Take a listen to that ad here.

If you’re like us— citizens who simply want a financially responsible city government, we’d love your help. Here’s a link to donate, either online, or by mail. 

Also, please consider help us spread the word to vote “No on 2C.” Politicians in the City of Colorado Springs need to show that they good stewards of the tax dollars they already have before they ask for another dime.   


2 thoughts on “2C Pothole Tax Renewal: Déjà Vu All Over Again

    1. Thanks for the question George. We will be on the Jeff Crank show on Saturday and the Tron Simpson Show on Sunday. We would also be happy to be on Richard’s show to talk about no on 2C. Feel free to call in to his show and suggest that! We will start running ads as well next week on KVOR, including Richard’s show.

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