Sparks Fly at El Paso County Commissioner Meeting Over TABOR Ballot Issue

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At yesterday’s regular meeting of the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners, the commissioners voted 3-2 in favor of referring a question to November’s ballot. This ballot question will ask the voters if El Paso County may keep the estimated $15-$20 million TABOR overage, and reset the TABOR limit, allowing the county to keep […]

City Awash in Cash: None of it Goes to Roads.

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During last week’s City Council Work Session, Chief Financial Officer, Charae “Cha-Ching” McDaniel presented details about the $76 million in federal taxpayer COVID relief funds that have poured into City of Colorado Springs coffers. At the July 12th City Council work session meeting, Council members remarked about how they need to take advantage of the […]

Olympic Museum Boondoggle: Two Public Servants Respond

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Photo Credit: In the week after we published our blog called Olympic Museum Boondoggle, we’ve received email communications from two El Paso County Commissioners. We appreciate that Commissioner Holly Williams and Commissioner Longinos Gonzalez are accountable for their votes in favor of giving  $500,000 of taxpayer funds to the Olympic Museum, in exchange for […] Needs You … Before the Government Takes More of Your Freedom Away

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Have you ever read about something happening in Colorado Springs or El Paso County and wondered what the real story was? Has local government told you there would be a change to your neighborhood, but you didn’t want that change? Who is there to help?, of course. Now, we need a tiny bit of […]

Olympic Museum Boondoggle

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Last week, the Colorado Springs Independent wrote several revealing stories about the United States Olympic Museum asking the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners and the City of Colorado Springs for bailout funds following the COVID-19 pandemic. Wait a second: We remember when the City administrators said that taxpayers wouldn’t be on the hook […]

Response From COS “Public Communication Specialist” Invites Salary and Benefits Scrutiny

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Photo Credit: The Daily Hatch A reader recently contacted us with a concern: He had contacted his City Councilman and instead of hearing back from his elected public servant, he received a response from a “Public Communication Specialist.” A Public Communication Specialist is a real job in the City of Colorado Springs, believe it or […]

Taxpayers Fund Fancy Council Upgrades

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Taxpayers just paid $465,000 to have Colorado Springs City Council chambers remodeled, and to have the audio-visual systems upgraded. That might sound reasonable on its face. But the City Council offices —or as they call them, “suites”— have also been redecorated. Wait till you read what they spent your money on. So, how did they […]

COS Government Fumbles Public Comment and Participation

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Photo Credit: Chester Spirit More than a year ago, we expressed concern about local government pushing through projects during the COVID-19 pandemic. As City Hall shut its doors to in-person citizen meeting attendance, we said, “now is not the time to sneak in agendas that the majority don’t want.” Citizens were preoccupied with COVID-19, and […]