City Wages 30% Higher Than Citizens, But They Still Need More of Your Money

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Photo Credit: Adapted from American Government We recently posted a blog about El Paso County having money to give employee pay raises, but not adequately funding roads. A reader who works within the El Paso County government has jokingly asked us to stop picking on them. The person asked us to start picking on the […]

Councilmen and City Attorneys Help Tenacious Neighbors Escape Double Taxation

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During a recent Colorado Springs City Council meeting, City Councilmen Randy Helms and Mike O’Malley brought forward a resolution that caught our attention. We’ve been following the topic of this resolution for over 4 years. Hundreds of Colorado Springs homeowners have been charged for two separate fire protection districts for years. How did this happen? […]

El Paso County Hands Over 31 Missing Emails

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Shows More Taxpayer-Funded Treats for County Employees Photo Credit: TCOG A few weeks back, we brought you the story about the $45,000 of taxpayer money that was spent on three separate zoo events. The events were designed to thank El Paso County employees for their hard work during the COVID shutdowns. In our initial Colorado […]

Troublesome Youth Suicide Numbers Indicate the Need to Fully Open Schools

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El Paso County tops the state in youth suicide numbers. How did we fare during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic? The media reports from a couple of weeks back were alarming. There were multiple reports indicating that teen suicide numbers had doubled or drastically increased. The El Paso County Public Health (EPCPH) Department […]

COS Citizen Calls Out Bureaucrats for Overrepresentation of Cyclists in Plan COS Surveys

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Says surveys are “Garbage in/Garbage out” In a February virtual ConnectCOS meeting, City staff shared results from a ConnectCOS survey. Several pieces of information did not add up. It made us wonder if City staff sought out certain special interest groups to participate in the survey. We anticipate these survey results will be touted as […]