Big Decisions Ahead for COS on April 6

Ballots are on the way to Colorado Springs mailboxes. All six City Council District Seats are on the ballot for the April 6thelection. Do you know which district you’re voting in? Check out this link to find out.

Have you checked out our candidate information page yet? Go get the scoop about the candidates and see who lines up with your way of thinking. Candidates from all across the political spectrum returned our survey. We appreciate that! Sadly, the candidates in Districts 4 and 6 were unresponsive following multiple outreach attempts.

We know that while local elections aren’t as glitzy or glamourous as national elections, they are the ones that will impact you the most, though, in your day-to-day life. Make sure to turn in your ballot! Here is some voter information to keep you up-to-speed on drop-off locations and other details.

In addition to the six Council seats, your ballot will have one issue on it —Ballot Issue 1. Here’s how that reads:

Shall Section 7-90 (c) of the Charter of the City of Colorado Springs be amended to allow ballot titles for tax or bonded debt increases to exceed thirty (30) words?

Here is some short analysis on both sides of the ballot issue.

How do we feel about it at

The City of Colorado Springs wants to use more words in its tax increase and bonded debt ballot issues. Until now, there has been a 30-word limit. While that might be tight, our concern is that this ballot issue eliminates a word limit entirely. Couldn’t they have included a new word limit smaller than infinity? Also, do more words really mean more clarity, or could it mean more confusion? Would this just be another opportunity for government to sell the people on tax increases? We think they need to go back to the drawing board and come up with a new word limit. Limits are good.

Now, go vote!

One thought on “Big Decisions Ahead for COS on April 6

  1. Well I can tell you for certain in District 4 Yolanda has done nothing.

    Just curious can you raise the issue of all the damn homeless people in the springs

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