Chelton Road Bike Lanes That Nobody Wanted

At SpringsTaxpayers, we have covered numerous stories over the years about bike lanes that appeal to very few residents, from Research Parkway to the Old North End.

Last week, we heard from a supporter named Rob. He said there are now new bike lanes on Chelton, between Fountain and Airport. He sent an email to his City Councilor and the City of Colorado Springs Public Works Department to express his frustration. Rob said he has been waiting for two years for road repairs on Chelton, only to see the road narrowed to one lane on each side, and protected bike lanes installed. He concluded his email by saying he will vote no on 2C.

Maren McDowell from the City’s Public Works Department responded to Rob. Among other things, she told Rob that 2C money does not go to bicycle infrastructure or bike lanes.

Rob sent us the email thread along with three pictures showing the new road and empty bike lanes. One of those pictures also showed a sign proclaiming the project was funded by 2C. The sign also says, “Your Tax Dollars At Work.” A reasonable person would conclude that the road narrowing and bike lane addition are paid for by 2C.

Whether 2C funding directly paid for the portion of the road that contains the bike lane itself, or whether that money comes from another part of the budget, one thing is clear: All of the money for the new bike lanes came from tax dollars, whether 2C or the General Fund. Citizens continue to report to us that they do not want more road narrowing that replaces auto lanes with bike lanes.

One thought on “Chelton Road Bike Lanes That Nobody Wanted

  1. I am bicyclist ,and also drive ,and voted no on all the amendments,but one lane for cars is a danger to both. I almost always find riding on side walks safer . I only seen one bicyclist,down town once in a bike lane,since the four years I have lived here

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