Citizens Speak Out: School District 11

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By Ric Villa

The question of who is on our school board is very important, since most of our property tax goes to public schools. The current school board members put a deceptively named question on the ballot —asking “without imposing any new tax,” can we borrow $350 million? How is that $350 million going to be repaid? D-11 is awash in cash without property taxes skyrocketing. Therefore, none of the incumbents (Shawn Gullixson, Julie Ott, Chris Wallis) who are hoping to retain their seats on the board, should be retained. Shawn Gullixson is in favor of masks; Julie Ott is in favor of CRT, masks, and for the COVID vaccination. Chris Wallis is in favor of more money spent on D-11, and has been endorsed by the Colorado Springs Education Association.

The best candidates for our D-11 School board are.
Al Loma – Lauren Nelson – Sandra Bankes. All have been endorsed by the Gazette. I am also voting for John Gustafson, who didn’t get the Gazette endorsement.

To see the views the candidates have on issues like mask mandates and CRT, you can go to

Ric Villa

D-11 Voter

One thought on “Citizens Speak Out: School District 11

  1. We cannot allow the education union to dominate this school board anymore. Just understand this one thing: unions have absolutely no responsibility to represent anyone except its members. This means that all the BS about “it’s for the children” is just that BS.

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