City Council Candidate Surveys

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As we have done in years past, we have sent a survey to each of the candidates for Colorado Springs City Council who have filed their paperwork to run for office.

We gathered questions that are of the most interest to our readers. While we do not endorse candidates at, we will post each response that is returned, in its entirety, on our website. We will then link to those responses on our social media pages and our weekly newsletter.

As there are debates, forums, or other information that will help voters make an informed choice, we will post and share those as well.

Below is the survey sent to each of the candidates. Please encourage your favorite candidate to fill the survey out and return it to us.

SpringsTaxpayers Candidate Survey 2021

One thought on “City Council Candidate Surveys

  1. Facts voters should be reminded of about Richard Skorman.
    2018 – Skorman pulled a power play on a Colorado Springs woman who was the victim of a car accident. He went to the scene of the accident because the lady who caused the accident worked for him. She has a criminal record. Skorman bullied and intimidated the woman victim. Telling her “don’t you know who I am? I am president of the city council.” Skorman wanted her cancel the call to police and let the woman go (the woman who had caused the accident).
    The Ethics Committee investigated and found Skorman guilty. However the rest of the city council (including mayor Suthers) let him off the hook with no action against him. To add insult Skorman spent $10,000 of taxpayer money on this legal defense.
    2020 – Skorman leads the city council and the Colorado Springs Utilities board to plan the shutdown of the Drake power plant. As of today, none of them can explain the details of what will replace Drake for power. We’ve just seen the widespread impacts in Texas of what happens when you invest too much in renewables. City council says there will be no rate increases. How in the world can they claim that when they still can’t explain what will replace Drake? When utility rates skyrocket the people most hurt will be the elderly on fixed income and the poor. This is why the city council show not serve as the Colorado Springs Utilities board.
    Don’t expect to see a survey response from Skorman. Communicating with voters is not what he’s about.

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