Colorado Springs City Council Members Discuss Ordinance to Require Masks

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During the April 27th Colorado Springs City Council Work Session, several members of the 9- member Council discussed the idea for a new ordinance that would require face masks to be worn in public. City Council President Richard Skorman said that as a business owner, he was worried about partial re-openings in the business community. Skorman asked if the other council members want to be more proactive about this policy. Skorman credited Councilman Don Knight as the council member behind the face mask ordinance idea, although Knight didn’t speak up during the meeting.

Councilman David Geislinger expressed support.

Councilman Bill Murray stated it’s in the “best interest” of the community for everyone to wear a mask in public.

Toward the end of the conversation, Skorman said he would take the conversation offline and call council members to see how everybody felt individually. Would more council members have spoken up if Skorman had not stopped the conversation? Possibly. Constituents deserve a public commentary —not a discussion behind closed doors.

Just as the conversation about mandatory masks was about to end, one council member offered his lone dissent. Councilman Andy Pico disagreed with the idea of criminal enforcement behind mandatory masks. We appreciate all council members who spoke up during the public session.

Since we shared the 5-minute meeting video clip, many readers have contacted their Council members. These public servants have been replying to citizen emails, and some have forwarded those replies to us. While Pico was the lone dissenter during public discussions, it turns out he is not alone. Councilwoman Jill Gaebler responded to one citizen that she was opposed to an ordinance telling you to mask up, and prefers for businesses to make that call. Our thanks go out to Councilors Pico and Gaebler!

Does Colorado Springs really need to follow Denver’s lead and ticket people for not wearing face masks? Definitely not! Wear a mask or don’t wear a mask. It should be up to the individual. Do your research and make the decision that is the best for you.

If a business wants to post signage that masks are mandatory in a store, that’s up to the business owners. And it’s your decision about whether or not to shop there. No government involvement or fines are necessary, thank you very much.

We’d love to see our readers post this topic on their Nextdoor sites and their social media pages. Please share this blog and spread the word. Also, we encourage you to contact council members and Mayor Suthers to offer your thoughts about a potential ordinance. As always, we encourage you to be polite.

This is an ongoing discussion, and will likely be a topic at the upcoming Monday, May 11th Council Work Session. According to the work session agenda, the El Paso County Health Department is going to visit City Council Chambers on Monday to provide an update on COVID-19. Discussion about a mask ordinance will likely follow.

Wayne Williams

Tom Strand

Bill Murray

Andres Pico

Jill Gaebler

Yolanda Avila

Richard Skorman

David Geislinger

Don Knight

Mayor John Suthers

We’ll keep following this potential ordinance. We’ll keep you posted about what happens. Stay safe, Colorado Springs.

4 thoughts on “Colorado Springs City Council Members Discuss Ordinance to Require Masks

  1. So, if they decide I get to wear a mask, what If I have breathing problems and the mask exacerbates that? How long will this be in effect? Do people who live outside of town have to wear one when they come here? For those who don’t have one, will the city provide them? To hold us legally responsible for one, should it not be provided? Requiring us to have to buy one is no different in principle than requiring people to have Obamacare or face a fine.

  2. Being an individual that could easily catch this virus and will VERY likely die from it I think that until it’s proven to be safe masks should be worn. I can’t even leave my home and have been here since the day this started. I want to feel I at least have a chance if I finally get to go outside in public again.

  3. You can’t keep people’s pants pulled or the homeless off every corner, you really think you can make everyone wear a mask?
    What about the ACLU?

  4. A mandatory mask is a violation of the A.D.A., * AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT for Americans with respiratory issues, you as an ordinary citizen; which includes all policing enities, to include Colorado Springs City Council Members, the Mayor and in particular, KING POLIS, ARE *NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED UNDER —-> HIPPA to ask me any Health Question and I am legally NOT REQUIRED NOR WILL I ANSWER ANY INQUIRY as to my specific health and is therefore unlawful, and subject to a $75,000.00 fine for the FIRST VIOLATION.

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