Commissioner Gonzalez says “Stick it!”

“In regards to the Governor and State Public Health’s decision to place El Paso County under stricter guidance beginning tomorrow, here is my individual, official response.

The Governor’s decisions continue to harm and indeed devastate our local and state small businesses, and our families, our working families, even as he makes those decisions absent all available data.  We need to keep businesses open.

COVID-19 is a serious issue and cases are rising, and we should be vigilant, but as I have stated regularly over the past many months, the State and Governor continue to emphasize ONLY cases and case rates instead of looking at all factors, including our successful local work at stabilizing hospitalizations, which are actually down in the past week, and the significant decrease in deaths-per-case ratio (which is rarely, if ever, acknowledged by the State). The Governor’s “Dial Framework” therefore fails to adequately account for all relevant factors and compromises their decision-making matrix.

The fact remains that El Paso County continues to rank among the best at combatting COVID compared to our large county equivalents along the Front Range.  I am proud of our leadership’s efforts and that of residents and businesses of El Paso County for their work at remaining safe and healthy.

So, no disrespect to the Governor, but he can take his increased restrictions mandate and stick it.”

11 thoughts on “Commissioner Gonzalez says “Stick it!”

  1. The Commissioner is right. Politicians, bureaucrats and the media are pitching a load of codswallop and generating hysteria for no real reason. Check it out for yourself at the El Paso County Health Department’s COVID dashboard.
    You can adjust time periods for the data and view, say, only the last month’s data to show just how overhyped the “crisis” is being pitched. Gonzalez noted how case numbers were not a good measure, but are being tossed out as “evidence” we need to lock everything down. I add that using cumulative numbers instead of the most recent numbers for hospitalizations and deaths is another form of the lie.

    Go to the link. Pay particular attention to slides 2, 5 and 6. Note how average hospitalizations on slide 2 run less than 6 per day. Slide 5 gives a similar perspective with hospitalizations. Slide 6, COVID-19 Deaths show fewer than 2 deaths a day (many days are 0) for the major portion of days. This is in a county of about half a million people.

    Demand accountability from the politicians and bureaucrats. Complain to the media about not showing only daily statistics instead of cumulative numbers and to report on localities instead of state-wide. We need to make sure that even more people are seeing real numbers instead of the malarkey that is currently being dished out.

  2. All due respect my Butt!…pleeeeease!
    Stick it indeed!
    What do state tax revenues look like from small businesses for 2020?
    Governor you are destroying people and I will not abide by your unconstitutional mandates.

  3. From Keep Colorado Free & Open– BRAVO!! Good for you! Thank you! You’re right on with well-reasoned facts and evidence! Now stand strong when Polis tries to turn up the heat in retaliation! The People if El Paso County need you to uphold the Constitution!

  4. Thank you commissioner. This is awesome and you are doing the right thing. We gotta stop living in fear. Be vigilant but not hysterical.

  5. When whole classrooms/schools are closed down due to A CASE and then ALL of those students out of school become ‘cases’. It’s no wonder our numbers are going up. Let’s talk about real cases and how severe are they AND what were they in previous years at this same time period. I need real statistics, not created!

  6. Thank you for standing up against this tyrannical monster! About time an elected official stop playing the political games with our lives!

  7. This is exactly what we need and are looking for in our elected officials. Someone who has the guts to stand up and speak it like it is! Thank you! You have my support!

  8. Hopefully, more local officials will begin to take “heroic” actions in this regard.
    We’ll see how this plays out! Meanwhile, forget new normal (abnormal) and be normal.; a humble suggestion.

  9. Commissioner Gonzalez, can I adopt you? For some reason, my Commissioner (Holly Williams) is MIA on the virus. I’ve asked her directly (via email) and cc’d her regarding many questions I posed to both El Paso County Public Health and News5 Investigates over the past month. The responses so far – “cricket sounds”.

    Kudos for fighting for your District!!

  10. Glad to see some on local government see the bs. Restrictions and mandates based on fraudulent data. The Colorado case count is corrupt with repeat tests of same individuals. Also, a positive pcr test does not mean a person is sick nor does it mean a person is contagious. JHU warns that states are misrepresenting data.

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