Commissioner Gonzalez Will Not Comply with the Governor’s Orders

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Update: On May 21, Jon Caldara of Denver’s Independence Institute sat down with Commissioner Longinos Gonzales, to talk about his statement to the Governor that he will not comply with his executive orders. Take a listen to this 20-minute interview.

At today’s meeting of the El Paso County Commissioners, Commissioner Longinos Gonzalez used his comment time to send a strongly worded message to the Governor. Watch the full video here.

Following is the text of Commissioner Gonzalez’s comments.

“I apologize for the length of my comments this morning.

I appreciate all the hard work being done locally for our residents, and those affected by COVID.  Our public health numbers demonstrate effective local control and precautions.  Our recovery and that of the State demonstrates that the governor should be decreasing his disaster emergency authorities and powers not increasing them.

Instead, this weekend and again last night, the governor demonstrated an unacceptable level of hubris, for which I cannot stand in silence.  It is the governor’s position that one person, one person alone, can change and suspend election law as demonstrated in his 3 executive orders issued this past Saturday evening, suspending certain election statutes and that he can go around the legislature regarding budget decisions.  Changes that go against the guidance stated in the Colorado Constitution.  Orders issued while he still has a legislature that can come in and craft emergency guidance during the COVID situation that he could signed, as would be the norm, and the expectation of Coloradans. 

Actions taken to change election law inevitably affect the election itself.  The governor’s one-person manipulation of our election system defeats the principles of our democratic republic.  His blatant disregard for this most basic of principles is astonishing and disappointing.  These decisions will affect not just the upcoming primary election, but he must know he is affecting the November election as well, as his actions and changes make it easier than before COVID-19 that ballot initiatives can make the end of year ballot.  And as is well known, what or who is on the ballot greatly influences who does or doesn’t come out to vote.  He, one person, is influencing that process and that election.  That again, is unacceptable as he has removed the collaboration of the people’s voice, the legislature, in his lone man decision-making. 

Another example of his poor decision making in suspending election law is demonstrated in the Secretary of State’s recent pronouncement to local Clerk and Recorders that to protect against COVID, those that retrieve ballots from drop boxes must go to and back from the drop box in separate vehicles.  The intent of state law is to ensure at least two individuals from different parties can confirm no fraud or abuse can be done in retrieving our ballots.  The secretary’s new guidance, which means ballots will be with only one person while being delivered to the Election Office is both foolish and opens all counties to the valid questioning of election security.  Again, this action is both supported and endorsed by one person, the governor, who is allowing the suspension of election law under his emergency authorities.

I have been critical of many of the governor’s and legislature’s actions over the past year and a half, but not one of those actions concern me, scare me, more than the thought that one person can manipulate election law in a free society because of his emergency declaration.

Additionally, last night the governor issued another executive order dispersing the $1.67 Billion in Colorado CARES Act dollars.  Senior members of the legislature have already come out and stated this is a circumvention of their body and a violation of the separation of powers.  A month ago during a teleconference with the governor, in response to information from CCI, I commented on the situation of his spending the CARES Act funds only on state budget and not on small communities, and I have spoken on this issue regularly over the past several weeks.  The governor responded to me directly and stated that power resided with the legislature.  He stated the same during his next two press conferences.  I can only conclude that the governor potentially lied to me directly and to the media, or he was mistaken and it took him and his staff a month to determine he did have authority to spend the dollars himself.  In which case my assertions over the past month that he has been sitting on those funds instead of getting them out to the community and businesses in a timely manner have been proven correct.  And for that, he is to blame for any businesses who may have failed during the time he could have provided counties and communities funding.  In both situations I’ve mentioned, the governor has demonstrated an unacceptable taking of authority from the people’s representatives, the legislature.  I pray they take a stand themselves.

It is therefore my position that the governor must rescind his election law executive orders immediately.  Push them through the legislature if you wish, that is your right, but no one person can be allowed to demonstrate such overreach without protest.  And so protest I am forced to do.

Therefore, while these election executive orders remain in place, I will not comply with the governor’s COVID-related mandates and executive orders.  I will not comply with the restrictions he’s initiated upon Colorado. 

Out of respect to fellow residents, I will voluntarily support common sense health practices, but I will do so without regard to the governor’s orders. 

I do this because the governor’s actions compel me to do so.  I cannot sit quietly as one person is allowed to dictate and manipulate the election process.  I cannot sit quietly as one person continues to issue mandates that have destroyed the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of Coloradans and the near ruination of our state while he sat silently on $1.67 Billion in CARES Act funds that he could otherwise be distributing portions of to communities and businesses in need weeks ago.

So, until the governor returns the separation of powers he has clearly ignored and taken from the legislature, I will not comply with your COVID emergency executive orders.

I understand my actions will not be supported by all or even many, but it is what I believe and it is what the governor forces me to do. 

God bless our State and God bless America, for indeed I am greatly worried for both.”

Bravo, Mr. Commissioner. Bravo.

We applaud Commissioner Gonzalez for standing up for the separation of powers, and for the rights of those he serves!

21 thoughts on “Commissioner Gonzalez Will Not Comply with the Governor’s Orders

  1. Thank you so much for being brave enough to stand up for the people of El Paso county against this bully of a governor we have. Thank you for not allowing our constitution to be dismantled in the name of “safety”

  2. I would like to see the so-called Governor gets his fanny sued for the damages and the lives he has ruined. If an initiative to recall this man were started again, I would sign it in a heartbeat. I’m betting the numbers to do so will be there on round two! After all he has no constitutional recall protection after 6 months in office. Enough is enough!

  3. Bravo Sir! Standing up isn’t easy. We admire your integrity and courage to stand against this illegal act by the current Governor. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for standing up to this ridiculous Governor! Colorado residents do not need or want this dictator running our State! We absolutely need to be rid of him and his draconian decisions that affect us all!

  5. Your personal grievances with the governor shouldn’t drive your actions regarding the safety of others who surround you. Person should be held accountable for his/actions those actions you have decided to impose may have sever concqueces to the health of another.

  6. Commissioner Gonzalez,
    You are using your public voice to speak on behalf of many of us not only here in Colorado Springs but throughout Colorado. Governor Polis has become arrogant and condescending to us all. This lock-down has to stop! He repeats over and over that he wants to “follow-the-science” the science shows that we know who the vulnerable are and we are protecting them. We know how to “social distance” etc. and can take care of ourselves. We MUST open ALL our businesses now!!!

    Thank you so much for taking this all important stand. I stand with you.
    James H. Roll

  7. Thanks for standing up for what you believe and for what so many others believe including myself. That was very well said and I hope that everyone gets a chance to watch it. I gave up on the media garbage because it is a waste of time and Governor Polis is not taking the proper steps to get Colorado back in the groove. It so often seems that there is a bigger more political agenda at work that the average people will never really see and it is unfortunate. I wish you were our Governor because I know that we would be in a much better position as a state. Thanks for standing up to the ridiculousness for those of us on the same side.

  8. Please sir this has to be shared and shared and shared … start with AG BARR and go from
    There. I myself have sent a
    Milder version of your letter, he needs to hear from someone like you in the game

  9. A man after the peoples heart, a man with a backbone, a man with a brain that will now allow imbeciles to control him. We need more like you in Colorado,

  10. Good job the so caled Governor of Colorado all ready manipulates votes once he will do it agion he has manipulates the recall that we Colorado people wanted him out. And he will do it agion. Please keep dowing what is best for us..

  11. Since when in the history of mankind that when a crisis such as this which is very miniscule in that the recovery rate is 95% – only averages two to three weeks duration and the fatality rate is 0.03%. that the whole world economy is shut down – Isn’t it a little suspicious that the entire world economy was shut down in only a couple of weeks ! Someone or some powerful government must have the power of the Vatican that they are able to pull off such a fake pandemic as the people are beginning to realize is just that. Exaggerated numbers from the news media in which it is not only fake news but controlled news.- Gee, let me see the past lies that have been told to us by the media such as JFK , Bobbie Kennedy, assassinations, Waco, Okla. bombing, the World Trade Center and especially the 9/11 outrageous lies they tried to cover up, such as the invisible 757 that disappeared in a hole of the Pentagon that a minivan could barely drive thru, and there was absolutely no plane debree (sic) anywhere. And Bldg. 7 that first we were told burned to the ground until they knew that was impossible so they changed their story and said they had to pull it. Gee Whiz, it takes at the least weeks if not months to set the charges to pull a Bldg. down and apparently they were able to do it in less than seven hours. So now we’re supposed to believe all the exaggerated numbers they throw at us with NO proof whatsoever. And since when do you muzzle the entire US. The masks should used for people that have this flu, not the majority that do not have a flu. You quarantine the sick not the healthy. That alone raises a huge red flag. — I believe this shut down has nothing to do with this flu, but has everything to do to with bringing in a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT with the US being the MAIN TARGET ! — Apparently the FEAR that’s been promoted by the government and the news media is working quite well since the suicide rates are climbing from job losses, schools closing resturaunts closing and every activity there is has been shut down and turning the American people into Government Zombies. — And Social distancing, and only 10 people allowed to congregate is a prelude to ” Divide and Conquer ” and population control — GOOD BYE AMERICA, HELLO OWG.!!

  12. Your neighbors in Elbert County did the same. After 3 attempts to have the King Polis grant us a high school graduation, ignored all 3 times, our Commissioners said the same thing, ENJOY your graduations…

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