District 3 Resident Speaks Out on the Appointment Process

Friday, the Colorado Springs City Council had the chance to listen to the residents of District 3. The council had the opportunity to create the illusion that they serve the people they represent. Today could have started a process of restoring some faith in our leadership. Instead, it was business as usual, as backroom deals and political gamesmanship won out. 

I was in attendance witnessing one of the greatest political grifts in my lifetime. I watched as the council waxed on and on about the non-partisan nature of their body. I watched as citizen after citizen spoke passionately about the importance of seeming to respect the voice of the residents. I watched over and over as concerned citizens urged the members of city council to replace Mr. Skorman’s seat with the very accomplished and formerly elected Sallie Clark. I watched as many citizens urged the council to appoint the very capable Terry Martinez, who ran previously and garnered many actual votes from the residents. I watched in eager anticipation as it appeared that a governing body might actually do the right thing. 

When it was all said and done, city council chose to serve their own interests and trample on the will of the people. This cannot stand any longer. We the people must speak in a unanimous voice in April of 2023. We must tell this governing body that they will serve us or get out of the way. We must reclaim our city.

2 thoughts on “District 3 Resident Speaks Out on the Appointment Process

  1. Irreversible damage will be done between now and 2023 as this very partisan city council rubber stamps development projects in support of the mayor’s and developer’s greed-driven pro-growth agenda all the while ignoring the will of the people.

  2. What never ceases to amaze me is just how scared city council is of someone out there. Ever who it is, they say jump 4 feet and city council says we can jump 6 feet if need be. Fortune helped get Robson arena, if CC wanted it they would get it anyway. Olympic Museum, City of Champions, Air Force visitor center which isn’t on the academy which is where visitors want to go. All this city of champions hoopla was supposed to support itself. Yep, we pay taxes, city sends employees with free tickets so it looks like more people visit. This lady was the perfect example of non profit parasites. Face time was her objective. District 3 spoke, City Council gave them the one finger salute, even to Skorman. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house. Can District 3 do a recall vote on Skorman? Since he quit, somehow they should elect who represents them.
    Elections are coming, we, the citizens need to get the word out. Very few, probably single digit percentage, know what city council does. We need to inform them somehow so they realize even local elections have long lasting impacts.

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