El Paso County Moves to Orange Level COVID-19 Restrictions Starting on November 13th

El Paso County Government was informed today that effective Friday, November 13th, at 5 p.m. residents will be moving to the more restrictive COVID-19 “Orange Level.”

What does that mean?

Restrictions in the Orange Level include:

  • Houses of Worship: Up to 25% capacity, or 50 people
  • Gyms: Up to 25% capacity, or 25 people indoors; up to 10 people outdoors
  • Restaurants: Up to 25% capacity, or 50 people indoors
  • Non-Critical Manufacturing: Up to 25% capacity, or 50 people
  • Offices: Up to 25% capacity
  • Retail: Up to 25% capacity
  • Personal Services: Up to 25% capacity, or 25 people
  • Group Sports: Outdoors only, up to 10 people per activity
  • Indoor Events: Up to 25%, or 50 people
  • Outdoor Events: Up to 25%, or 75 people

Read the letter sent by Jill Hunsaker Ryan, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment here:


5 thoughts on “El Paso County Moves to Orange Level COVID-19 Restrictions Starting on November 13th

  1. Continuing to focus on the number of cases and cumulative numbers since March only contributes to the general public’s skepticism about the integrity and competence of our politicians, bureaucrats and so-called journalists. I look at the EP County Health Department’s COVID dashboard and find nothing to be alarmed about when looking at the number of hospitalizations and deaths.

    Arguing that the increased testing is clearly the driving force for increased cases is, in my mind, a circular argument. The increase in testing, more than just being an increasing number of people being curious or nervous, is probably representative of more people feeling ill and more people being directed to be tested by their work or by having been told they have been potentially exposed.

    Politicians and the media need to get a grip on reality and start acting more thoughtful about what they are doing.

  2. This is unconstitutional, government overreach, and proven not necessary and really stupid. Commissioner Gonzalez is spot on.

  3. Apparently the mighty COVID doesn’t infect anyone at Great Wolf, Cliff Dwellings, or North Pole.

    This is all a giant crock.

  4. Wow! How can 2021 ever hope to top the nonsense of 2020? Maybe more Draconian lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations unless you choose to become persona non grata, further confiscation of personally-owned property, etc.? Unfortunately, we’re going to find out soon enough.

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