Engaged Community Member Takes Things A Step Further

Photo Credit: KRDO

A couple of weeks back, we shared a Citizens Speak Out article by reader LuAnn Weems. LuAnn was concerned about the Power Pathway being built across Eastern Colorado. But LuAnn didn’t stop with what she wrote for SpringsTaxpayers.

She also spoke to the El Paso County Commissioner meeting and shared her opinion there. See her comments here. We applaud LuAnn’s persistence!

LuAnn has been kind enough to volunteer at SpringsTaxpayers.com. She will continue to attend and keep track of what’s happening at El Paso County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meetings. 

Thanks to LuAnn and all citizens who are willing to stand up and publicly comment at Colorado Springs City Council meetings and BOCC meetings. 

Be like LuAnn! If you’d like to help out SpringsTaxpayers by attending meetings, either in person or online, and reporting back to us about what happened, drop us a note here

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