Facebook Censors COVID-19 Data

Last week, SpringsTaxpayers.com received notification that one of our Facebook ads had been removed.

The ad contained data taken directly from El Paso County and the State of Colorado. None of the data was made up. We simply did some calculations and presented the county and state information in an easy to view table format.

The intent of the post was to put COVID-19 numbers into perspective for our readers. It’s been a weekly series over the past month and has been widely shared. The winds appear to be shifting in El Paso County as citizens move from fear toward rational, calm thinking. Unlike the manipulation happening in the mainstream media, SpringsTaxpayers.com wants you to see the facts and make decisions based upon the information.

Facebook says the post is against its community standards. They state community standards are there because misinformation could cause physical harm and make people ‘feel’ unsafe. Maybe the truth is hard to hear for some people, but the facts are the facts, folks!

SpringsTaxpayers.com has seen and heard of Facebook censorship, but we’ve never experienced it firsthand. We filed a complaint with Facebook. The sources for our data have been passed along to Facebook. Still, after 10 days we have yet to receive a decision about our complaint. Facebook has given us no timeline regarding a decision.

We’re in unprecedented times, for sure. Not due to COVID-19, but due to a time in which facts are censored especially when not aligning with certain agendas —agendas that are meant to keep you living in fear and turmoil and agendas that are meant to destroy our economy and silence speech.

Certainly, COVID-19 is very contagious. We don’t doubt that. Individuals should remain vigilant and continue to make smart choices for themselves. We believe the data is important, though, and intend on continuing to share facts vs fear with our readers.

We’ll keep watching out for you. Keep calm and carry on, El Paso County.

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