Fiscal Conservatism Charges Forward in the Pikes Peak Region

We have exciting news!

At, we have launched a new 501(c)(3) educational arm, called Springs Taxpayers United (STU.) See our press release that was sent out today:


Adds Educational Non-Profit to Continue to Serve the Pikes Peak Region

January 18, 2023 Colorado Springs, CO –, organized as a 501(c)(4), announces the launch of a new 501(c)(3), Springs Taxpayers United.

“After more than 5 years of serving the residents and voters of the Pikes Peak region as, we find that our mission has become more education, and less issue advocacy. That has made it a perfect fit to add Springs Taxpayers United.” said Rebecca Marshall, co-founder of “As we continue to push for transparency from local and state government, and empower taxpayers to advocate for the interests of their neighborhoods, Springs Taxpayers United, or STU, stands ready to help.”

Laura Carno,’s co-founder said, “Many people in the community —whether due to disability, mobility issues, or scheduling— are unable to make it to a Council, Commission, other local government board meetings, and hearings at the State Capitol. Lack of access to timely information leaves people disenfranchised and woefully underserved. We are able to bridge that gap.”

Marshall and Carno will maintain, in the event there are future issues to advocate for, and for those supporters who prefer to give to a 501(c)(4). 

The archived newsletters and original reporting articles will continue to be available at After this date, newsletters and original reporting articles will be posted at Springs Taxpayers United. The names on the social media pages will reflect the name change from to Springs Taxpayers United as of this date.

For questions, or to schedule an interview about or Springs Taxpayers United, please contact us at or 719-492-0211.

As area residents continue to face economic hardships, there is no better time to advance the education and engagement of citizens of Colorado Springs, El Paso County, and Colorado about the spending practices of their government. 

We are all asking: Where does our tax money go?

We are headed down the wrong path: the path that says government should have a hand in everything that happens in our lives, and with the politicians continually asking for more tax money to fund more projects that most of us can’t afford. 

People are tightening belts in their own households due to increasing prices of just about everything. Government regulations, unnecessary handouts, and green policies have put us here. Government should rein in spending, too, and only focus on the necessities such as road maintenance, fire protection, and police. 

After all, every dollar government spends is a dollar you and I earned.

Fiscal responsibility should be the top issue for every politician. We’re here to help focus them on that fact.  

If you are a current donor to and would like to switch your donations to STU, you can donate here. If you are recurring donor, and want to switch to STU, we can walk you through canceling your original recurring donation, and establishing the new one. 

We appreciate your support!

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