Get Your Own “Would-Be Traffic Engineer” Bumper Sticker

A few months ago, we reported on a radio interview, where Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers appeared on KVOR’s Richard Randall show. During that interview, Mayor Suthers was questioned by a caller to the show about all the bike lanes and road dieting in Colorado Springs. In response, he stated:

“We have traffic engineers and the city planners who went to school and studied this stuff and they make decisions and I have to rely on them, as opposed to the 480,000 would-be traffic engineers that contact my office and call Richard Randall.”

Yes, the Mayor said that. The audio and the transcript are in the link above.

He’s talking about us, ordinary citizens who know what we want to see in our roads. Calling us “would-be traffic engineers” because we want more traffic lanes, as opposed to fewer traffic lanes, is simply insulting.

We maintain that Colorado Springs residents are wise enough to know a thing or two about the city’s roads, traffic light timing, road dieting, and bike lanes. We’ve created a bumper sticker in your honor and hope you will support our mission in the process. For a $10 donation to, you will receive 1 “Would-Be Traffic Engineer” bumper sticker. If you’d like 2 bumper stickers, the donation amount is $15 or more.

Donate here and specify the donation amount you’d like to send our way. We’ll get your bumper stickers out to you!

If you are a regular monthly donor, or have recently contributed to our efforts, let us know if you’d like a bumper sticker or two. Just drop us a line at

Let’s get these bumper stickers out on Colorado Springs vehicles!

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