It’s Not Blight, Right?

Colorado Springs City Councilman Don Knight’s high school English teacher would be proud, as he has a solid grasp of the definitions of the words “menace” and “blight”. Words mean things to Councilman Knight.

During the City Council Work Session on June 24th, Knight took a strong stand and said he would not support creation of an Urban Renewal Zone at the North gate of the Air Force Academy. See that 5-minute video here.

If you had driven by the area lately, it would look like a beautifully forested area to you —because it is a beautifully forested area.

Council is expected to vote on the Urban Renewal designation today, July 9th. The meeting starts at 1:00 p.m. and can be viewed online here. Councilman Knight is usually a stickler about the rules. Will he stick to his guns today or was the Mayor’s Chief of Staff Jeff Greene, able to sway him? We’ll be watching.

We know many on Council and on the Mayor’s staff are giddy about the project and the accompanying Air Force Academy Visitor’s Center, but can anyone truly say with a straight face that the North entrance to the Air Force Academy is blighted and a menace?

Let’s see these public servants twist themselves in knots today, as they work to push though another unnecessary project.

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