Jeff Crank on his Departure from Cumulus

Reprinted with permission from Jeff’s Facebook page

As you may know, I’ve done my show on KVOR and podcast for over 13 years now and it has been an honor to have the opportunity to be welcomed into people’s homes during all that time.  It’s so fun for me to meet listeners who treat me as their friend that they’ve invited into their house every week for 13 years.  They know me and what foods I like and that I’m married to Lisa and what my kids are up to.  I’ve been blessed to have a lot of friends through the medium of radio.

Recently Cumulus Media – which owns KVOR – instituted a forced employee vaccination policy nationwide.  While I am not anti-vaccination, I am anti-tyranny and I told them that I find their policy unethical and immoral.  I’ve already had coronavirus.  I discussed the vaccine with my doctor and he recommended that I not take the vaccine at this time as there was very little risk to me contracting COVID and even less risk of having severe complications from COVID.  I’m going to make my medical decisions after consultation with my doctor – and it won’t be forced onto me by the CEO of a company that I’ve never met or knows nothing about me.

Last week I had a cordial conversation with my friend, Bobby Irwin, the program manager at Cumulus Colorado Springs and he informed me that, because of my position on the issue and not providing proof of vaccination, today’s show will be my last show on KVOR.  I will continue to do my show as a podcast and it will be available at my website and downloadable on iphones and android phones every Saturday morning at 7:00 am just like it is now.  It just won’t be broadcast on KVOR.

For me it is just a radio show.  It isn’t my livelihood.  For many Americans, though, they are forced to choose between feeding their family and having control of their own liberty.  I have several friends who can’t afford to lose their job, but they will anyway because their medical exemption, signed by their doctor, was denied by a one-size-fits-all policy designed by corporate lawyers or virtue-signaling CEO’s somewhere across America.  My cost is minimal but those who stand up to this tyranny at great cost are truly heroes – risking their livelihood for OUR liberty.

One day our country will look back on this time in our history with shame – that we live in a country where you can be forced to go against your doctor’s best medical judgement in order to feed your family.  We’ll be shamed when we think about patients, like my guest on the show today – Leilani Lutali, who are denied a life-saving organ transplant because their doctor advised them not to get the vaccine – but a government-run hospital system, which should put saving every life ahead of all else, thinks they know better.  We’ve had these moments in our history before – segregation, internment camps and many other sad episodes which are always driven by fear of the unknown – but history always finds a way of sorting out what the right and moral position is.  It’s our job, as followers of Christ and as Americans to make sure we’re on the right side of history and not hiding under the desk when the wolf knocks at our door.

Over the last year and a half many people have allowed COVID and fear to steal so much from them.  I know people who haven’t held their grandkids for 18 months because of that fear.  Others have chosen to essentially not leave their home.  Those are choices that they make – and they’re free to make them.  For me, I’ve always tried to live my life as normally as possible since God only gives us so many days on this earth and He is bigger than any virus or disruptor in this world.  I haven’t allowed COVID to take away my life or my enjoyment.  I also won’t let it take away my voice.

It’s been a great honor to be on KVOR these many years and I am grateful to them for the trust they placed in me.  They were the ones who allowed a young, inexperienced person they didn’t know to take control of the airwaves 20 years ago when I first guest-hosted the Joseph Michelli show on KVOR.  It has been a great partnership ever since.  My voice will continue and so will the show.  It just won’t be found on Cumulus Media.  I hope you’ll continue to join me every Saturday morning at 7 am – or anytime you can- on the show.  It can be found on Apple or Google podcasts on your phone by searching my name in the podcast app.  Subscribe to the podcast, and we will continue as friends every week.  I can also be found on or anywhere podcasts can be downloaded.  The show will continue to be free but you can also help sponsor ads for the show and help grow the podcast.



5 thoughts on “Jeff Crank on his Departure from Cumulus

  1. Thanks, Jeff, for standing up for freedom. It’s important that as many of us as possible make a statement that we’re not going to obey their arbitrary dictates..
    “It wasn’t the Government that destroyed your freedoms. It was you complying with tyranny.”
    Thanks again, Jeff, for not complying with tyranny.
    Lead On!!

  2. THANK YOU for standing up for what is right. We all need to follow your example. I will be listening to your podcasts!

  3. Sorry that you are leaving. I looked forward to hearing your radio show every weekend. God bless you with a new platform to share your views and fight for what is right

  4. Jeff, we are behind you 100%. Do the right thing and show these tyrannical Koolaide drinkers what standing on principles and integrity look like!

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