Jeff Crank Takes on the Gazette

By Laura Carno

Jeff Crank, a friend of, took on the Gazette on his November 18th show. And he didn’t pull any punches.

Full disclosure, I used to produce Jeff’s show back in the day, and we remain very good friends.

Take a listen to his podcast.

Jeff wants to know why the Gazette covered the pro-tax-increase side of the stormwater fee ballot issue with significantly less detail than it did our side. He talks about two articles in the podcast.

First, the Gazette article from 2015, takes a swipe at my career in banking, trying to discredit me for the ills of the entire banking industry.

Second, the Gazette article from just this month, describes our campaign as “..getting campaign money from the billionaire Koch brothers-financed Americans for Prosperity,” implying that we were the big spenders.

The truth is, our campaign was significantly outspent by at 10-1 margin.

What the Gazette omits in its article, is that Invest in COS, the organization that raised and spent $400k, got much of its money from developers in our community.

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