Just My Thoughts on the Republican Primary June 28, 2022

Guest Article by Dan Smith

Having led my precinct caucus, voted at both the county and state assemblies and having interacted with many of those on the primary ballot that you have received in the mail, here are my thoughts about those running for the offices on the ballot. 

I know that there are many of you who are not sure who might best represent us. Or you are not even sure about voting. Please vote. Our future depends on you.

You may have seen the signs saying “Vote for the Topline” candidates. What this means is that those on top of the list of candidates for each position are those who went through the established party process and were selected by the authorized delegates at the two assemblies. They were selected by your peers to represent the Republican party.

In the approved Republican caucus and assembly process all the people who earned the first positions on the ballot are definitely people that are worth voting for. These are people who are ready to take the torch and go forward for the people like us. Most of the others have gone around the caucus system because they feared not getting the approval of the elected delegates like myself.

The only one that is not on the top of the list for an office is Heidi Ganahl and I strongly recommend her. She has done a great job as CU regent and has personally responded to a concern that I had. Greg Lopez is a good choice but I think Heidi will be more competitive.

Many others on the ballot are career/establishment government people who need to step aside, let other more qualified and dedicated people work for us, and then maybe get a “Real” job.

Whatever you think please vote. Our future depends on it!

Just My Thoughts!

Dan Smith, Colorado Springs Voter

3 thoughts on “Just My Thoughts on the Republican Primary June 28, 2022

  1. Mostly agree, but I think I’m going to vote for Leon Kelly for County Cornoner- – While I like Rae Ann Weber’s stance against masks and COVID vaccinations, I don’t think that a coroner will have to do much with mandating masks or vaccinations. The coroner will have an impact on determining whether a person died from COVID or not, but Dr. Kelly is a pathologist while Dr. Weber is a family physician. So, it seems like Dr. Kelly is probably a better pick. IMO

    1. A coroner’s job is to oversee the office. Dr. Kelly is double-dipping. His salary is three times the national average. How can there be checks and balances if he is signing off on his own work? Additionally, it was due to his statements in front of the county commission that many businesses were shut down longer than they needed to be. I also have heard that he gave money to Obama’s campaign. I don’t have info on that so do your own research on that one.

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