Local Activists Against Ten New Colorado Springs Police Officers Hires. Do They Speak for You?

Photo Credit: City of Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs City Council held a call-in budget town-hall at the end of October. Something we heard was alarming.

Some self-identified Socialists and other community activist commenters are putting pressure on City Council Members to oppose the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) increased 2021 budget. The increased funding allows for the hire of 10 new officers. Colorado Springs is the last large-city conservative hold-out in Colorado. It is not a socialistic metropolis —even though multiple council members continue to push it toward the edge of that cliff. Does Colorado Springs require more police officers? Judging from the rapidly expanding population, it’s very likely they are needed. Also, as the land area of the city has increased, there are more miles to patrol, and it takes more travel time to respond to calls. At SpringsTaxpayers.com we support a strong police presence in the community.

The town hall citizen commenters advocated for fewer police and a decreased police budget. Their suggestions for alternate uses of those funds included: having legal camping areas throughout the city; adding built-in charging stations to city parks; adding city funded affordable housing; increasing the frequency and locations of bus routes; adding community centers and senior services; funding health services; creating a CSPD mental health response team. Commenters reflected on the recent police involved shootings and summer protests. One made the statement that “CSPD has killed a number of people.” They called Colorado Springs Mayor and council members, “tone deaf”, for even considering adding more officers. There were threats that if council members did not heed the comments, Council re-election campaigns this spring would be met with opposition.

Did the city council members buy into the town hall comments? Do they believe that the socialists even remotely represent the majority of us? We certainly hope not. Socialists are certainly entitled to speak up —it’s their right. Problems arise when council members bow to those ideas and take us all down a road the majority of us don’t want to travel.

Please contact the Mayor and City Council members. Let them know your opinion about budgeting for 10 more Colorado Springs Police Department Officers. An email can be something as simple as:

Socialist and Community Activist commenters from the October budget town hall don’t speak for me when they advocate for fewer police officers. I support the Colorado Springs Police Department adding 10 more officers to the force, as well as taxpayer funding of the CSPD.

Thank you for your time.

Wayne Williams   Wayne.williams@coloradosprings.gov

Tom Strand   Tom.strand@coloradosprings.gov

Bill Murray  Bill.murray@coloradosprings.gov

Andres Pico  Andy.Pico@Coloradosprings.gov

Jill Gaebler Jill.Gaebler@coloradosprings.gov

Yolanda Avila Yolanda.Avila@coloradosprings.gov

Richard Skorman Richard.Skorman@coloradosprings.gov

David Geislinger  David.Geislinger@Coloradosprings.gov

Don Knight  Don.Knight@Coloradosprings.gov

Mayor John Suthers Jsuthers@springsgov.com

You have a right to have your voice heard on the issue. A reduction in the CSPD budget and not having enough officers could have dire consequences. Council members need to hear from the taxpaying majority.

One thought on “Local Activists Against Ten New Colorado Springs Police Officers Hires. Do They Speak for You?

  1. I believe we do need more CAPD and at the same time they need more accountability for their actions. We are growing and along that crime grows. We voted for and approved giving more taxpayer dollars for Public Safety. Charging stations are not exactly going to keep crime in check.

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