Mayor, Some Council Members Not Fans of Mandatory Masks

Last week, we passed along details about a potential face mask ordinance being discussed by Colorado Springs City Council members. See that blog here. We know you are fired up about this. Thousands of you visited our website to read this blog.

During the Monday, May 11th Colorado Springs City Council Work Session, the El Paso County Health Department presented a 2 ½ hour COVID-19 update.

Here are 11-minutes worth of clips from that update. If you would like to watch the whole meeting, you can find that link here.

County Health employees shared statistics and answered Council member questions. Masks were a hot topic and President Skorman referred to mandatory masks, and the divisiveness about the issue as the “elephant in the room.”

Some council members were concerned that many citizens are not wearing masks in public. Skorman mentioned the recent protests at City Hall about mandatory masks, as well as having to deal with his own store customers who oppose wearing face masks.

Councilman Don Knight said that he had previously been a strong proponent of mandatory face masks until the Mayor made the logical case that Council would be passing a law that would be largely unenforceable.

At this point, Council appears less enthusiastic to attempt a mask ordinance. Many members are still very emotional about the issue, though. Let’s hope emotion does not get in the way of common sense. Leave the decision up to businesses. We’ll continue to be on the lookout for further mandatory mask discussion. Stay safe, Colorado Springs!

11 thoughts on “Mayor, Some Council Members Not Fans of Mandatory Masks

    1. Well said. I choose not to wear a mask, and don’t go anywhere masks are mandatory. In fact, I recently returned my Costco membership for a refund because of their recent mask edict.

    2. That’s like saying if you want to drive within the speed limit, then do, if you don’t then don’t. It’s called freedom.

  1. Persons with Respiratory health issues CANNOT be forced by Southers or Polis to wear a mask that restricts breathing.
    It is a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act, (ADA) violation of the Act can lead to legal prosecution and fines up to $75,000.00 for the first offense and up to $150,000.00 for subsequent violations.

    Under the umbrella of the A.D.A. and current HIPPA Laws you are not allowed to demand I inform you of any of my medical conditions and I am not legally bound to answer your question or inquiry as to my health.

    My health is none of Southers, Polis, nor any accredited os self identified medical expert.


  2. If I have to go out, I wear a mask. Such as it is, my mask is definitely not medical grade, but it is all I have. Try finding a true mask anywhere in town. I wear it not so much for protection from you but as a form of saying “I respect you and I am trying to protect you in the event I have the virus and don’t know it. My mask and most masks I see are more symbolic than medically functional.

    As far as making it mandatory, masking should only be ordered if the government can provide a steady supply of proper masks. Any edict that ends up requiring people to wear something that is unobtainable is unenforceable. Any edict that permits anything to be used as a mask is just begging to be mocked.

    If the City or the County orders masking and does not make proper masks available, I intend to start wearing pantyhose over my head.

  3. Mayor , said on the Ricard Randell show that the downtown area homeless can’t be rouden up .The mayor said they can make them uncomferble. By opening up new business around them but will this mean business closed down cause of the virus will. Also will b pushed out of the area ,for the new business owners .

  4. I can only assume that the city council will continue to push until the people rise up and show up with pitchforks and torches? I’m not advocating violence, but the people will only take so much. They need to BACK OFF.

  5. “as well as having to deal with his own store customers who oppose wearing face masks.” Simple – if a business requires a mask DON’T SHOP THERE. If the virus didn’t kill the business, their asinine rules certainly will.

  6. But the state can make health requirements, such as sewage requirements, speed limits, no drunk driving, shooting guns at random in the city, and wearing pants in restaurants. Polis is not the king of Colorado, Trump is King, just ask him.

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