A New Year’s Resolution: Keeping an Eye on Politicians

By: Laura Carno

We know that one of your New Year’s resolutions is to be involved in your local government. We can help you keep that resolution!

Here’s what we are up to in 2018

We are hitting the ground running in the New Year!

Rebecca Marshall has joined the SpringsTaxpayers.com team. Rebecca was part of the neighborhood group that got rid of the Research Parkway bike lanes last year. We are very lucky to be working with Rebecca!

Join us while we:

  1. Attend City Council, County Commission, and other board and commission meetings, and tell YOU what you need to know
  2. Through media and ad campaigns, expose City and County leaders when they don’t provide a good value for your tax dollar
  3. Require public servants to represent the people, not their own interests or donors

We have been working throughout December to:

  1. Compile meeting information for City Council, County Commission, and other Board and Commission meetings
  2. Expand the number of people available to attend these meetings by recruiting volunteers who can also attend
  3. Dig in to local government issues – some have been in the news and some will surprise you when you hear about them!

We continue to update our website to serve the community, including:

  1. A new page that allows the community to speak out about what’s on their mind
  2. A new page for community members who want to volunteer to attend community meetings

We want to help you keep your New Year’s resolution of being more involved with your local government. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and tell your friends about SpringsTaxpayers.com today!

Laura and Rebecca

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