Nightmare Project Coming to Eastern Colorado

Photo Credit: Transformer Technology

LuAnn Weems reached out this week about the $1.7 billion Colorado Power Pathway being built across eastern Colorado. It will focus primarily on renewable electricity. Here’s a recent story if you hadn’t heard about this project.

Here are LuAnn’s comments:

This nightmare project would affect the quality of life for thousands of residents who live on the eastern plains, in fact a large part of eastern Colorado. Huge electrical transmission lines would be run right through these properties. It appears that much of it is to transmit electricity from new or planned renewable energy sources (i.e., wind, solar) to the more heavily populated centers of Colorado Springs and Denver. This is outrageous and people should start researching this project (Colorado Power Pathway), EMF considerations, loss of property and land (often by eminent domain). Get ready, El Paso county!

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