Number of Bears Euthanized Isn’t Adding Up

A reader sent us an email at SpringsTaxpayers, with information received from a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) request, about the number of bears that have been euthanized. We shared what happened at a recent meeting on the topic. We are used to being the ones to share CORAs with our readers. We were delighted this reader shared these results with us. We are passing them along with the reader’s permission.

The reader’s email to public servants in the City of Colorado Springs, on which we were copied:

I received the results from my parks request (CORA) for bears euthanized from 2015-current (attached).

2015 – 15 euthanized 

2016 – 3 euthanized 

2017 – 15 euthanized – In the bear/trashcan meeting with Mr. Knight we were told 30.

2018 – 5 euthanized – I was told 24 were euthanized.

2019 to date – 5 euthanized

Tens of thousand of people will be impacted by the ordinance the city council is proposing. 

The facts should be publicized.

I have huge respect for the city council and everyone that is trying to help make Colorado Springs the great place it is to live.

When facts are distorted it harms that trust. 

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