Scheels’ Neighbors Asking For Fairness

At, we have been bringing you news on a package of tax incentives and other goodies that have been provided to (or offered to) Scheels, to entice them to open a store in Colorado Springs. You can catch up on the back-story here, here, and here.

Now Tim Leonard, a representative for some of the other retailers in the area has sent a letter to the Colorado Springs City Council in advance of the Tuesday, June 25th City Council meeting. That meeting starts at 1:00 p.m., and the agenda and live stream links are here.

The letter points out that:

  • The area businesses are happy for Scheels to be there. Everyone benefits.
  • It’s a complicated deal structure.
  • Some of the information presented to Council 2 weeks ago was not accurate.
  • The business improvement district has a current cash balance of over $4 million!

Take a look at the letter. Attend the meeting tomorrow. If you can’t attend, please email or call your City Council member with your opinion on how they should vote. We would support a vote that doesn’t offer incentives to any business, no matter how much we would like it in our community. It’s just not right.

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