Seeking Newsletter Sponsors!

Want to make an impact and support the only watchdog group in the Pikes Peak Region that digs into all the hot topics, like government spending, and taxpayer abuse? Please, consider helping us continue our mission. is looking for sponsors for our weekly newsletters. We are able to accept business sponsorships, as well as individual citizens who wish to sponsor. If you’d like to dedicate the newsletter to a politician who has lost his or her way in the accountability department, we’d be happy to include your dedication comments to that particular politician. If you’d like to sponsor, but don’t want your name publicly shared, you can also sponsor the newsletter in a way that might send a message to local politicians, such as, “A Would-Be Traffic Engineer,” or “A Photographer For Free Photography In The Free Park.” You get the idea!

We’ll include up to 2 sponsors per newsletter for a $100 donation each. If you wish to be an exclusive sponsor for the week, the donation amount is $150.

Our newsletter is shared via our growing email list, posted on our website, and on Facebook and Twitter.  Click here to donate. Then, email Laura and Rebecca at with your sponsor or dedication details.

Thanks for your support!

Laura and Rebecca

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