SpringsTaxpayers.com is Persistent, Not Unglued

During the July 7th Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting, SpringsTaxpayers.com got a shout-out by Commissioner Mark Waller. It was during a conversation about potentially indemnifying certain actions by law enforcement. Take a look at what he had to say:

Why would Commissioner Waller think SpringsTaxpayers.com watches the BOCC meetings? Because we are always watching our public servants. One editorial note for Mr. Waller: we’ve never been unglued. Persistent, polite, humble, and citizen-focused are better words to describe SpringsTaxpayers.com. Our watchdog group is grabbing some attention these days—public servants know we represent hard-working taxpayers. Secret meetings and backroom deal shenanigans don’t serve the public well.  Public servants work for you, the citizen. It’s your money they are spending. SpringsTaxpayers.com will continue to hold public servants accountable for their decisions and push for government transparency.

Will you help us in our mission? Our tax-exempt organization runs on a shoe-string budget. This year we’ve added El Paso County meetings to our already packed schedule. Between the City of Colorado Springs and El Paso County employees, we are heavily outnumbered. We’d love to add more SpringsTaxpayers.com staff, as well as employ legal counsel when public servants and politicians misbehave.

The team at SpringsTaxpayers.com truly appreciate your support in our efforts. Thanks for joining with us!

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One thought on “SpringsTaxpayers.com is Persistent, Not Unglued

  1. I want to talk about the city’s idea of adding a 10 cent tax for plastic grocery bags. City Councilmember Avila seems to think it’s a good idea to pinch all of us a little more. 60% of the funds raised go to them for their “cleanup projects” and 40% goes to the stores providing the bags. Since the store providing the bags are private businesses, I am sure they are thanful she wants to let them have some of the money for buying and providing the bags int eh first place. Who really thinks letting these clowns make the decisions in our lives is a GOOD thing? If a business wants to provide plastic bags, then that is the business owners call, not some liberal city councilmember with illusions of grandeur. I find it amazing that we, the people, have to constantly push back and tell these people “no”. At any rate, according to AM 740 KVOR, on 29 July from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. we are told we can watch the meeting online. At some point enough of us will just pack our bags and leave town. If enough of us do it, then they will have LESS money to work with in the end. I HAD to put this on here the way I did, as there is no option to start this discussion.

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