Thoughts from Konnie, a Would-be Traffic Engineer

Recently, I was awarded a Title by the Colorado Springs Mayor. The Title is “Would-Be Traffic Engineer.”  I take this Title seriously because I can see the dangers posed to our automobile drivers and even cyclists by changes that have been put in place by the City Traffic Engineers.  They’ve actually been paid to engineer these dangerous street layouts that even Ray Charles could see are dangerous.

This is my first installment, showing just one dangerous intersection —the intersection of Cascade and Uintah —moving northbound on Cascade.

You will notice the bike lane and how the cars turning right onto Uintah are directed to drive right into the bike lane to turn right. In the progressive environment of today’s Colorado Springs, the new bike lanes may embolden cyclists to take additional risks.  With the college being in close proximity, this translates into even more cyclists. Drivers must have total awareness of bikes at every moment, because there is no guarantee of what they might do at this intersection.  If you travel here please be vigilant and stay safe!!

This is Konnie Bay, Would-Be Traffic Engineer, signing off until next time.

P.S. You too can hold this Title by going to, making a small donation to their efforts, and placing the bumper sticker on your car.

One thought on “Thoughts from Konnie, a Would-be Traffic Engineer

  1. You are 100% right, the real title of the city SJW is TRAGIC engineer. How may pot hole could be filled for the cost of the paint, that cannot be seen in the winter anyhow. Plus the cost of the crews and equipment for this social engineering project

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