Zoning Changes in Residential-2 Neighborhoods

Action alert – Deadline December 30th

Could higher density changes be coming to your neighborhood? An alert reader shared a Middle Shooks Run Neighborhood Association newsletter with us, detailing that the changes would allow property owners to replace a single-family home with up to 4 homes on the same property. See that email newsletter here.

In the email newsletter, you can find out how to tell how your home is currently zoned, a link to the ordinance affecting the zoning changes, and how to contact the City with your opinion before December 30th. There is also an article by Bob Loevy, that details the issue, and includes his concern that these zoning changes not be done in existing neighborhoods.

Click to read the whole newsletter and follow the links. Do it now!

5 thoughts on “Zoning Changes in Residential-2 Neighborhoods

  1. Come on people- put on your ‘common sense tee shirt” – this is a horrible decision. Don’t believe me? Go out to CA – go back East where they built on top of one another – see how miserable the people are… STOP allowing the almighty dollar drive your decisions – along with your personal agenda’s to grow your constituency…. This my friends is a VERY BAD THING for Colorado Springs!!!

  2. Do not enact this ordinance. There is plenty of land around Colorado Springs to accommodate housing. This is a slap in the face to current and future home owners in any area!

  3. The area in which I live is currently zoned R-2. My block alone has multiple Airbnb’s. We fought for changes to the Airbnb regulations and those regulations were made, with the exception of people who were considered grandfathered in. Rezoning would allow multiple Airbnb and apartments on one lot. This is great for the people who come and go and the investors who own the houses making the money. Visitors do not care about respecting the neighbors because they get to leave after their short stay. I own my home and live here full time. The house next to mine is currently an Airbnb with 3 separate units, which is not allowed. The owner of this property lives in Texas not on the property. The Airbnb does not allow for parking on the property. Leaving only on the street parking for the guests. We constantly have cars blocking our driveway, trash in our yard, loud noise at all hours. How is cramping more people into a small space by allowing more units and more tenants into homes going to help. It will also affect the look of these beautiful neighborhoods with old homes. With the rezoning investors will be tearing down these beautiful homes to build cheap builder grade homes that allow for more units and more money for them. I do not want to live next to an apartment complex. That is why I bought a house in a neighborhood not in a business district. There is currently a procedure in place that allows for individuals to petition for a variance to allow more units on a property. I believe we should keep this system in place and cases requesting more that 2 units can be looked at on an individual basis. There is no harm leaving the zones in the residential neighborhoods at R2.

    Thank you,
    Mid Shooks Run Resident

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